Changes Ahead will finally be seeing some new updates soon. What will be updated you ask? Well, anyone looking for great deals on skateboards and accessories should keep a close watch for some mind-blowing deals! Until then, we are offering an additional $5 off all clearance skateboard decks. That means clearance skateboard decks start as low as $24.99! Get them while they last!
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Site Updates:


  • Store Launched
  • Site Updates (including new background)
  • 5/10/06

  • Switched to new host
  • 4/19/06

  • Some Minor Changes to Navigation and Montly's
  • Text Update
  • Links Page up and running
  • Google Ads Placed (feel free to click anytime ;)

Store At Full Speed

I finally finished the store... almost. There are a few more items I need to get pictures for and a couple of new items that need to be added. Everything should be in working order, but if you do encounter any errors or problems please email them to:

The store is the major update, but there are also a few little behind the scenes changes that should make the website run a little more smootly. There is also a new backround for those of you that have a screen larger than 800 x 600 resolution. Send any comments or questions in:
Added 7/13 by Patrick Huber

Good News for All

The store is very close to completion and let me just hint that when the store does open (very, very soon) there will be a couple of new items worth checking out as well as some very big sales! Thanks again to everyone that took the time out of their busy day to check out and keep your computer screen locked on SkateJunk so you don't miss out on the big sales ahead!
Added 5/10 by Patrick Huber

Up and Running

Sorry for the little downtime. Had a few problems with the switch over to the new host ( and it took a little longer than expected. But now we're back up and running! A couple things aren't quite up yet from the switch (store and forum) but they sould be up soon.
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The Update

Site Update
So here's the scoop... The videos and team pages are still not done. The reason for the extended delay is mostly because of my lack of time to work on everything. Also it has been extremely nice here in Minnesota and Skateboarding is a major part of my life. The good part is I've been getting some good local footage and that will be included when the video page finally launches.

I'm doing my best to finish the videos page and don't expect the team page to be surfacing anytime soon. Still a few tweaks on the video section to be done before it's completed.

Team Update
Dustin Borge is no longer with the SkateJunk Crew. He has decided to go with his local skateshop for sponsorship. Best of luck to him in his skating career.
Added 4/19 by Patrick Huber

SkateJunk G2

Welcome to the completely redesigned Take a look around at the new look and all of the new features. If you have any questions or comments about the new features please feel free to email:

What's New?
There are a ton of new features and the look is like nothing you've ever seen before.  Some of the new features include:

  • Completely redesigned (awesome look)
  • Video and Picture of the month (awesome way to win stickers)
  • Built in Music Player: top right of screen (awesome sound)
  • Slide shows or thumbnails for all pictures: Pictures Page (awesome pictures)
Overall SkateJunk G2 is just awesome!

What's coming next?
Yes, SkateJunk G2 is officially up and running, but there are a few sections that are still under construction.  These sections will be done at the latest by the end of March.  Expected launch dates:
  • Links - 2/2 (up and running)
  • Videos - 2/6 (delayed about 1 week)
  • Team - 2/8 (delayed 1-2 weeks)
  • Store (redesign)- 2/17 (delayed until April)

I'm having quite a few problem making the new pages and I'll get them out as soon as they're done. I'm guessing 1-2 weeks delay at most. The store will not be done until at least the beginning of next month

Please have a little patience while parts of the website are under construction or if there are any small glitches that occur. If you notice any problems please let me know!
Added 3/1 by Patrick Huber

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